About Us

About Us
Latin Gospel magazine and its network is a Christian base site that has been helping Christian Latino artists since 2000. We have various services and promotional tools to help artists, ministries, business and other media sources which helps showcase new talents to our many visitors.  Latin Gospel also provide online positive information and world news to keep members up to date on upcoming events and church activities.

Our Mission:

Our calling and mission is to spread the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music and the word of God (Bible). We have had many challenges throughout the years but the Lord has always been with us.   Latin Gospel continues to work on many projects expecting to grow bigger then we imagine.

Latin Gospel Magazine is a Christian publication which inform the public on Christian news, education and information on bible teachings and  musics plus testimonies and much more.. 

Donation and contributions of any amount will be greatly appreciated.  The cost on maintenance of Latin Gospel network can become costly with equipment's, hosting services, web developing which we manage to pay from our funds. By contributing a donation you will be helping Latin Gospel Ministry move forward in many projects and cost click on the button below to donate.